"Our tax specialists offer a comprehensive blend of tax advisory, tax litigation, regulatory and compliance services, helping you navigate through complex business matters."


Considering this Saluja Goyal & Company’s Indirect Taxation Practice focus on providing a ‘same team’ concept platform where the client has a single window to have an all inclusive solution platform – Right from the inception of an idea, drafting of agreements, business structuring, reporting of revenue, compliances, credits to tax authorities and tax assessments.

In the event, a tax position turn out to be litigative, Saluja Goyal & Company’s ‘same team’ has the capability to provide full range of litigation services, like providing well-researched Opinions, Fact-based legal submissions and Applications, Court procedures, etc. eventually terminating into a forceful and effective legal representation.

Tax Advisory

  • Evaluate tax implications on existing or proposed business transactions
  • Review contracts and agreements in order to identify the GST impact, from the perspective of Procurement, Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Assistance in identifying optimal valuation model for related party transactions under GST, while aligning the same with the model adopted under transfer pricing provisions
  • Advice on various incentive schemes pertaining to duty-free import/export of goods or services under the Foreign Trade Policy

Tax Compliances:

  • Providing Assistance in obtaining registrations under GST.
  • Verification of input tax credit records and identification of ineligible credits and blocked credits.
  • Review of periodic computation of tax liabilities including Input Credits for the purpose of filing returns.
  • Assistance in preparing and filing GST returns.
  • File requisite statutory applications with various authorities like amendments etc.
  • Providing GST Audit services as Business Turnover more than Rs. 2 crore required GST Audits.

Assessment & Litigation:

Tax representation and litigation in India requires a comprehensive approach involving people with adequate understanding of tax laws and insightful handling of contentious issues. Our services in this area include:

  • Tax representation before Assessing Officer and other tax authorities during the course of audit or investigation by the revenue authorities
  • Tax litigation support before Tax Commissioner
  • Tax briefings and support to the external counsel in respect of representation before ITAT/ High Courts/Supreme Court
  • Advisory on litigation strategy and its implementation
  • Diagnostic review of litigation history and assistance in litigation risk analysis
  • Assistance in evaluating sustainability of tax positions and assistance in remedial actions

GST Refund Filings:

Usually when the GST paid is more than the GST liability a situation of claiming GST refund arises. Under GST the process of claiming a refund is standardized to avoid confusion. The process is online and time limits have also been set for the same.

We assist in filing and preparation of GST refunds documents and do the departmental liaison on behalf of clients for getting GST refunds

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